Our Story

Our commitment towards promoting Education, Art-making in all its forms and Culture in the global community is our raison d’être. We work together towards realizing concrete projects and experiences that can foster the growth and enrichment of the individual.

We strongly believe that providing easy access to opportunities will help young exceptional artists and art-makers around the world with their careers. Our Projects and Programs are tailored for the delivery of personal and multi-cultural enrichment, with the aim of positively impacting both local and global communities.

Moveo International intends to:

  1. operate for the promotion and dissemination of artistic-cultural activities by arranging and organizing means and structures for conducting, managing, activating teaching experiences, courses in education and teaching, also in collaboration with national and international public and private bodies;

  2. select a diversified international team of deserving young people (regional managers) in order to manage, promote, develop and maintain various projects in areas of interest;

  3. produce, set up and represent conferences, concerts, exhibitions, shows and various cultural and artistic events;

  4. favor and organize musical, cultural, cinematographic events, festivals, conferences, concerts and any other form of entertainment linked to the promotion of culture;

  5. activate musical and cultural initiatives, artistic and musical courses, seminars and master classes also in collaboration with other organizations, associations and / or schools, in the sphere of social aggregation and cultural enrichment, for the dissemination of culture in the round;

  6. engage, hire and / or cast artists, lecturers, experts or other specialized personnel unrelated to the Organisation for the accomplishment of the statutory objectives;

  7. carry out any other activity or service that would prove useful to promote and spread knowledge of culture and the arts. In this regard, agreements may be stipulated with recording studios, promoters, entertainment agencies, graphic and image agencies, sector associations and audio-lighting services to support their own activities in order to offer profitable opportunities and facilities for the completion of any artistic activity;

  8. propose itself as a meeting place and for the aggregation of musical and cultural interests, fulfilling the social function of human and civil growth and growth through the ideal of permanent formation and network work.